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MaxWell Biosystems AG (founded 2016)

MaxWell Biosystems develops and markets advanced electrophysiology instrumentation for cell assays. The MaxWell Biosystems tool set, consisting of an integrated microelectrode array and data acquisition hardware and software, can be used in preclinical drug discovery, safety pharmacology and basic neuroscience research. MaxWell Biosystems instrumentation allows for recording from and stimulation of electrogenic cells at unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution.  

More information: www.mxwbio.com

Shift Devices (founded 2015) 

Shift Devices produces hardware devices to secure digital assets. Applications include cryptocurrencies and blockchains, authentication and passwords, personal identity, and document signing. 

More information: www.digitalbitbox.com/shift

enGene Statistics GmbH (founded 2014)

enGene Statistics offers consultations regarding statistics, data analysis, mathematical models, planning of experiments, and contract research in all fields of study.

More information: www.engene.ch

Memo Therapeutics AG (founded 2012)

Memo Therapeutics develops technology platforms for high throughput isolation, characterisation, and reproduction of human and animal antibodies. 

More information: www.memo-therapeutics.com

FGen (founded 2011)

FGen develops and performs high throughput experiments for its customers from biotech, pharma and chemical industries. The optimisation of existing activities or the discovery of novel functions often is enabled by high throughput experimentation. 

More information: www.fgen.ch

InSphero AG (founded 2009)

Insphero produces biomimetic three-dimensional microtissues, which constitute a significant advance over conventional two-dimensional cell cultures. The applications include pharmascreening, diagnostics and medical therapy. 

More information: www.insphero.com

BioVersys (founded 2008)

Anti-bacterial drug discovery expertise in anti-bacterial compound detection and established screening technologies have positioned BioVersys at the forefront of new lead-drug discovery.

More information: www.bioversys.com

Zurich Instruments AG (founded 2008)

Zurich Instruments'’ mission is to develop and sell a new generation of digital lock-in amplifiers that replaces its analog precursors. The digital core of the lock-in amplifier allows for increased performance and 50 % decrease of manufacturing costs. 

More information: www.zhinst.com

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