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23.06.2017 | Cindy Malnasi

Ground breaking ceremony at Schällenmätteli

The ground breaking ceremony at Schällenmätteli marks the construction commencement of the new D-BSSE building. Read more 

16.06.2017 | Isabelle Fol

D-BSSE Professor Martin Fussenegger New EMBO Member

Martin Fussenegger from the ETH Zurich Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering is newly elected EMBO member. The European Molecular Biology Organisation promotes excellence in life sciences. Read more 

15.06.2017 | Samuel Schlaefli | D-BSSE , D-INFK , D-ITET

Medicine is awash in data

Genomics, digital patient files and real-time health surveillance – never before have we had access to so much health data. Three ETH researchers explain how they extract relevant information from this sea of data and the potential benefits for personalised medicine. Read more 

01.06.2017 | Claudia Hoffmann | D-BSSE

New research tools

At the age of 29, biotechnologist Randall Platt has already achieved a lot: more than 1,000 research laboratories around the world use a method that he developed. But he is also the family man who recently took on a professorship at ETH. Read more 

24.05.2017 | Samuel Schlaefli | D-BSSE

Revealing how neurons communicate

The ETH spinoff MaxWell Biosystems AG develops microelectrode platforms for electrophysiological tests on nerve cells, opening up new possibilities for pharmaceutical research. Now, the company received CHF 130,000 in starting capital from the Venture Kick initiative Read more 

19.05.2017 | Isabelle Fol

Upcoming International Conference on Molecular Systems Engineering

Biological systems display properties that cannot be matched by synthetic approaches. Implementing the advances in life sciences into the design options of synthetic molecular systems is a major scientific challenge. To address this challenge, the International Conference on Molecular Systems Engineering (ICMSE) will bring together world leaders in the characterisation and engineering of complex chemical and biological systems. Read more 

18.05.2017 | Editorial team | D-ARCH , D-BAUG , D-BIOL , D-BSSE , D-HEST , D-INFK , D-USYS

15 new professors

The ETH Board appointed 15 new professors upon application of ETH President Lino Guzzella. Read more 

17.05.2017 | Isabelle Fol

New D-BSSE Publication in Cell Reports

The research group of Professor Sai Reddy at the ETH Zurich Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering in Basel has published a new paper about high genetic and antigen-driven predetermination of antibody repertoires throughout B cell development. Read more 

09.05.2017 | Isabelle Fol

Head of Education Department Dr. Conradin Cramer Paid D-BSSE a Visit

Last Wednesday the new Head of the Education Department of the Canton Basel-Stadt paid the ETH Zurich Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering a visit: Dr. Conradin Cramer got a first impression of the ETH Zurich’s site in Basel and the Department’s interdisciplinary research work.  Read more 

13.04.2017 | Cindy Malnasi

ETH Zurich Silver Medal for Markus Jeschek

Congratulations to Markus Jeschek (Panke Group)! Read more 

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