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▪ Molecular control of cell fate choices in complex cell systems

▪ Mammalian blood, bone, pluripotent and cancer stem/progenitor cells

▪ Long-term bioimaging & single-cell dynamics quantification

▪ Molecular cell biology | Software development | µEngineering

Selected Publications

Research Papers

Hoppe, Schwarzfischer, Loeffler, Kokkaliaris, Hilsenbeck, Moritz, Endele, Filipczyk, Gambardella, Ahmed, Etzrodt, Coutu, Rieger, Marr, Strasser, Schauberger, Burtscher, Ermakova, Bürger, Lickert, Nerlov, Theis and Schroeder
Early myeloid lineage choice is not initiated by random PU.1 to GATA1 protein ratios
Nature 2016

Hilsenbeck*, Schwarzfischer*, Skylaki*, Schauberger, Hoppe, Loeffler, Kokkaliaris, Hastreiter, Skylaki, Filipczyk, Strasser, Buggenthin, Feigelman, Krumsiek, van den Berg, Endele, Etzrodt, Marr, Theis* and Schroeder*
Software tools for single-cell tracking and quantification of cellular and molecular properties
Nature Biotechnology 2016

Filipczyk*, Marr*, Hastreiter*, Feigelman, Schwarzfischer, Hoppe, Loeffler, Kokkaliaris, Endele, Schauberger, Hilsenbeck, Skylaki, Hasenauer, Anastassiadis, Theis* and Schroeder*
Network plasticity of pluripotency transcription factors in embryonic stem cells
Nature Cell Biology 2015

Eilken, Nishikawa and Schroeder
Continuous single-cell imaging of blood generation from haemogenic endothelium
Nature 2009

Rieger, Hoppe, Smejkal, Eitelhuber and Schroeder
Hematopoietic cytokines can instruct lineage choice
Science 2009


Skylaki, Hilsenbeck and Schroeder
Challenges in long-term imaging and quantification of single cell dynamics
Nature Biotechnology 2016

Etzrodt, Endele and Schroeder
Quantitative single-cell approaches to stem cell research
Cell Stem Cell 2014

Long-term single-cell imaging of mammalian stem cells
Nature Methods

Hematopoietic stem cell heterogeneity: Subtypes, not unpredictable behavior
Cell Stem Cell 2010

Imaging stem cell driven mammalian regeneration

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