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The D-BSSE is one of the ETH Zurich's youngest departments and the only one located in Basel outside of the Zurich campus. The unique blend of researchers in this department makes it an exciting venue for academics interested in biological questions.


What kind of research do we do?

The D-BSSE includes researchers from disciplines such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science (Informatics), and Engineering. The collective aim of the department can be summarized as follows:

1. Discover new facts about the functionality of living systems

2. Take these new findings and try to model them

3. Use the resulting models to devise and engineer novel biosystems



ETH Zürich News - Prof. Yaakov Benenson: Präzisere und programmierbare Bio-Schaltkreise (only in German)

Ein Team um ETH-Professor Yaakov Benenson entwickelte mehrere neue Bausteine für biologische Schaltkreise. Diese Bausteine sind wichtige Voraussetzungen für den Bau von präzise funktionierenden und programmierbaren Biocomputern. Read more 


Precise and programmable biological circuits


A team led by ETH Professor Yaakov Benenson has developed several new components for biological circuits. These components are key building blocks for constructing precisely functioning and programmable bio-computers. Read more 


ETH Zürich News - Prof. Tanja Stadler: Die Mathematik der Ebola-Epidemie (only in German)

Mit neuen Eckwerten, die Forschende am ETH-Departement Biosysteme errechneten, kann die Ebola-Epidemie in Westafrika mathematisch genau beschrieben werden. Die Daten der Wissenschaftler können Gesundheitsbehörden helfen, die Epidemie einzudämmen. Read more 


The mathematics behind the Ebola epidemic


Researchers in the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering at ETH Zurich have calculated new benchmark figures to precisely describe the Ebola epidemic in West Africa from a mathematical perspective. Their results may help health authorities to contain the epidemic. Read more 


InSphero ranked No.1 among Top 100 Swiss Startups

The BEL spinoff InSphero AG  was ranked No. 1 in the Swiss Top 100 Startup Award 2014.  Read more 

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