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CoBi - Computational Biology Group

Higher forms of life emerge from a more sophisticated use of often conserved signalling pathways to regulate biological function. The complex behaviour of the resulting cellular signalling networks is impossible to grasp by verbal models alone. Quantitative, computational models are required to integrate biological knowledge into a framework that permits the efficient generation of testable hypotheses and that enables an integrative understanding of biological networks.

We develop quantitative, predictive models of biological signaling networks with a view to gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics and evolution of cellular signaling.



June 2017
EMBO Long-Term Fellowship to Mathilde Dumont

Latest Paper

Growth control in the Drosophila eye disc by the cytokine unpaired
Jannik Vollmer, Patrick Fried, Daniel Aguilar-Hidalgo, Máximo Sánchez-Aragón, Antonella Iannini, Fernando Casares and Dagmar Iber
Development, 144 (5): 837-843, Company of Biologists Ltd, 2017.
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