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BEL – Bio Engineering Laboratory

BEL is rooted in Engineering and Physics and is performing interdisciplinary research and education relevant to biology and medicine. Our group has longstanding experience in the development of CMOS-technology-based (CMOS: Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor), integrated chemical and biomicrosystems, as well as bioelectronics and microelectrode arrays. Moreover, we are engaged in the development of microfluidics for investigating the characteristics of single cells and microtissues.

BEL News


FRMD7 paper picked for "Best of Neuron" selection 2015-2016

Neuron paper by K. Yonehara, M. Fiscella, A. Drinnenberg et al., titled "Congenital Nystagmus Gene FRMD7 is necessary for establishing a neuronal circuit asymmetry for direction selectivity" chosen for "Best of Neuron" selection 2015-2016. Read more 


BEL Spinoff MaxWell Biosystems cleared 2nd stage of "Venture Kick"

BEL spin-off company MaxWell Biosystems AG successfully cleared 2nd round of Venture Kick competition and received 20'000 CHF. Read more 


2016 International Global 3Rs Award ($ 5'000) to Olivier Frey and coworkers

2016 IQ Consortium and AAALAC Intemational Global 3Rs Award for region Europe to Olivier Frey and coworkers for their paper "3D spherical microtissues and microfluidic technology for multi-tissue experiments and analysis" . Read more 

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