D-BSSE Professor Martin Fussenegger New EMBO Member


By:  Isabelle Fol

Martin Fussenegger from the ETH Zurich Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering is newly elected EMBO member. The European Molecular Biology Organisation promotes excellence in life sciences.

The Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering is pleased to announce that Professor Martin Fussenegger has been elected to become a new EMBO member. Currently, EMBO has more than 1’700 members – all of them leading researchers in life sciences. "EMBO membership election is among Europe’s biggest recognitions a scientist can receive - and at the same time, it is a great incentive to help shape progress in science and science policy on this continent", says Martin Fussenegger.

The EMBO members are selected through impartial evaluation processes. Candidates for EMBO Membership are exclusively nominated and elected by the current EMBO Members. Every year, the new EMBO Members are announced shortly after the EMBO Council meeting in spring.

Focusing on engineering of mammalian cells using synthetic biology principles the newly elected EMBO member Martin Fussenegger is designing the treatment strategies of the future – under the heading of „Personalised Medicine“. "It means EMBO and its members recognise bioengineering science and its translational aspects as an integral part of Europe’s molecular biology family", emphasises Martin Fussenegger.

EMBO aims to define molecular biology in the broadest terms possible, encompassing research on the molecular mechanisms of life at all levels: From single molecules to organisms and ecosystems. The major goals of EMBO are to support talented researchers, stimulate the exchange of scientific information and help to build a European research environment where scientists can achieve their best work.


⇒ More information about the EMBO election in the EMBO press release.

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