New D-BSSE Publication in Cell Reports


By:  Isabelle Fol

The research group of Professor Sai Reddy at the ETH Zurich Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering in Basel has published a new paper about high genetic and antigen-driven predetermination of antibody repertoires throughout B cell development.


Antibody immune diversity is crucial for maintaining protective and broad immunity. However, little is known on the extent to which genetic background and environment are predetermined in an antibody immune response. Discovering the balance between these factors has implications for the prediction and manipulation of immunity for vaccines and immunotherapy.

This study was co-led by Postdoc Dr. Victor Greiff and PhD student Ulrike Menzel, where by using an integrated experimental and computational systems approach, they were able to quantify the extent to which antibody immune responses are predetermined. They found a dynamic balance of both high genetic and antigen-driven repertoire predetermination.

In some cases, antibody responses are nearly completely predetermined by genetic background. Professor Sai Reddy and his group also found that antigen exposure can play a major role in predetermining antibody responses.

Greiff V, Menzel U, Miho E, Radbruch A, Winkler T, Reddy S. Systems Analysis Reveals High Genetic and Antigen-Driven Predetermination of Antibody Repertoires throughout B Cell Development. Cell Reports 2017. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2017.04.054

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