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Past Doctoral Examinations 2017

Candidate Title Examiner Date
Bartolomeo Angelici Design and Implementation of Transcription Factor Based Gene Classifier Circuits Prof. Yaakov Benenson July 4, 2017
Johannes Thoma Unfolding and Folding Pathways of Escherichia Coli Outer Membrane Proteins Prof. Daniel Müller June 16, 2017
Enkelejda Miho Discovering Fundamental Principles of Antibody Repertoires by Large-scale Systems and Network Analysis Prof. Sai Reddy June 9, 2017 
Jannik Vollmer Growth Control in Organ Development – a Quantitative Analysis in Drosophila and Vertebrates Prof. Dagmar Iber April 24, 2017
Mingqi Xie Human Designer Cells: From Remote-Controlled Gene Regulation to Self-Sufficient Therapeutic Biocomputers Prof. Martin Fussenegger March 28, 2017
Tetiana Serdiuk Mechanically Controlled Insertion and Folding of Single Transmembrane Proteins Prof. Daniel Müller March 24, 2017
Mitasha Bharadwaj Characterising the Mechanisms of Adhesion Initiation and Strengthening of Integrins to the Extracellular Matrix Proteins Prof. Daniel Müller March 2, 2017
Pencho Yordanov Perturbation Theory for Steady-State Laplacian Models of Biological Systems Prof. Joerg Stelling February 9, 2017
Steven Schmitt From Archimedes to Fleming: Novel Ultra-High Throughput Screening Strategies for Directed Evolution of Vitamin Production and Novel Antibiotics Prof. Sven Panke January 30, 2017
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