He, Xiao, Dr.

Dr.  Xiao He


ETH Zürich, D-BSSE

Professur für Data-Mining

Dr. Xiao He

Dep. Biosysteme 

BSB  G 1 

Mattenstrasse 26

4058 Basel


  • phone +41 61 387 34 40 
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Son T. Mai, Xiao He, Jing Feng, Claudia Plant and Christian Böhm,
Anytime density-based clustering of complex data.
Know. Inf. Cyst. 45(2): 319-355 (2015) (Online)

Sebastian Goebl, Xiao He, Claudia Plant and Christian Böhm,
Finding the Optimal Subspace for Clustering.
ICDM 2014: 130-139 (Online)

Xiao He, Jing Feng, Bettina Konte, Son T. Mai and Claudia Plant,
Relevant overlapping subspace clusters on categorical data.
KDD 2014: 213-222 (Online)

Junming Shao, Xiao He, Christian Böhm, Qinli Yang and Claudia Plant,
Synchronization-Inspired Partitioning and Hierarchical Clustering.
IEEE Trans. Know. Data Eng. 25(4): 893-905 (2013) (Online)

Jing Feng, Xiao He, Nina Hubig, Christian Böhm and Claudia Plant,
Compression-Based Graph Mining Exploiting Structure Primitives.
ICDM 2013: 181-190 (Online)

Son T. Mai, Xiao He, Nina Hubig, Claudia Plant and Christian Böhm,
Active Density-based Clustering.
ICDM 2013: 508-517 (Online)

Junming Shao, Xiao He, Qinli Yang, Claudia Plant and Christian Böhm,
Robust Synchronization-Based Graph Clustering.
PAKDD (1) 2013:249-260 (Online)

Jing Feng, Xiao He, Bettina Konte, Christian Böhm and Claudia Plant,
Summarization-based mining bipartite graphs.
KDD 2012: 1249-1257 (Online)

Xiao He, Jing Feng and Claudia Plant,
Automatically Spotting information-Rich Nodes in Graphs.
ICDM Workshops 2011: 941-948 (Online)

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