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Financial Planning Course

The VMB welcomes experts of Stiftung Benefit for the English version of their seminar “Fundamentals in Financial Security and Planning” (23.01.2017). Read more 


Intra-Departmental Seminar Series

We are proud to introduce the start of weekly intra-departmental seminars for and by Postdocs and PhD students. Our department consists of people and research groups with very different scientific backgrounds. This seminar series will promote the interaction between different groups and allow us to optimally benefit from each other's expertise and our interdisciplinary environment. Read more 

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Representatives of the Mittelbau

The Mittelbau is represented at official department meetings by the Mittelbau representatives, which are elected at the annual general assembly of the VMB. The current Mittelbau representatives are:

  • (PhD student Fussenegger group)
  • (PhD student Pantazis group)
  • (Postdoc Paro group)
  • (Postdoc Hierlemann group)

Verein Mittelbau D-BSSE (VMB)

D-BSSE has an official association for scientific assistants, PhD students and postdocs called Verein Mittelbau D-BSSE (VMB) which is a suborganisation of AVETH. The VMB was founded in 2011, five years after the D-BSSE came into existence. During these first 5 years an active student community had already developed, but since the department was growing rapidly the decision to form an association to represent all of the academic staff was made.

Being located in Basel, the D-BSSE is in a rather special situation. Since people here cannot easily take advantage of the numerous  events taking place in Zürich, it is important to have a local organization that helps improving the work and social life at the department and that supports our scientific staff wherever possible.

After the rather idle first year, during which the VMB was founded and initially set up, we now developed into an active group of people from different research areas of the D-BSSE. Our mission is to initiate and support any ideas that lead to an improved work and social life at the department. Read more about our activities under VMB eventsVMB german course, and Intra-Departmental Seminar Series.

If you are interested in politics at D-BSSE or would like to organize an event do not hesitate to !

Trouble? Help!

During your doctorate studies, situations that might go beyond your professional experience may appear. VMB can support you. We can address you to the right resources within ETH. We will keep your case confidential and will walk with you the next steps to take. You are not alone. If you have further questions or would like to know more about procedures and resources please contact our person of trust .

The board of 2016 and active members of the VMB.
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