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Three main themes dominate our research in biosystems science and engineering: dynamics, regulation, and randomness. To a large extent our research is focused on developing the necessary theoretical, computational, and experimental tools needed to understand these themes and their complex role in endogenous biological circuits and for designing and building novel synthetic ones.

Research Directions

Theory and Computation

We develop advanced theory and computational methods for the modeling, simulation, analysis, inference, and control of biological networks. We consider deterministic and stochastic approaches with a focus on creating novel stochastic methods.  Read more

Applications in Systems Biology

We develop quantitative models of biological networks and use them to help address key questions in biology. How do living systems achieve biological function robustly in an uncertain and noisy environment? What is the role of dynamics and feedback? What are the fundamental limitations? Are there design principles? We study bacteria, yeast, and mammalian systems.  Read more

Applications in Synthetic Biology: Cybergenetics

We design and build robust synthetic biological circuits that achieve novel function. Currently, our focus is on cybergenetic circuits–synthetic genetic circuits that achieve precise real-time control of proteins in living cells, often using closed-loop feedback control techniques.  Read more

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