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ERC Advanced Grant

Prof. Khammash has been awarded the coveted Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (ERC). Read more 

14.10.2016 | D-BSSE | News

Andreas Milias-Argeitis joins the University of Groningen

Postdoc Andreas Milias-Argeitis leaves the CTSB group to join the University of Groningen as a new tenure-track assistant professor.


New Cybergenetics article in Nature Communications

The article describes our latest Cyborg cells! By interfacing bacterial cells to a computer through optogenetics, we are able to build an automated, light-mediated feedback control system for controling cellular processes. We demonstrate this technology by using it to achieve very precise and robust regulation of gene expression and cell growth. Read more 

26.06.2016 | D-BSSE | Publications

New article in ACS Synthetic Biology

This article introduces a new motif for biologically implementing integral feedback. Read more 

25.04.2016 | D-BSSE | Media , Publications

New article in PNAS

This article shows theoretically and experimentally how optimal noise filters can be realized as biochemical circuits. Those can be understood as molecular counterparts of the Kalman filter. Read more 

25.04.2016 | D-BSSE | Publications

New article in Molecular Cell

The article reports a method to measure and analyze mRNA and proteins simulatenously in single mammalian cells. Read more 

23.02.2016 | D-BSSE | Publications

Featured article in Cell Systems

Introducing a new regulation motif, our article demonstrates how precision and noise can work in accord when antithetic integral feedback is employed to maintain homeostasis. Read more 

07.06.2015 | D-BSSE | Publications

New article in PNAS

The article reports a new method for experiment design using light-inducible gene expression in yeast.   Read more 

23.11.2014 | D-BSSE | Events

Prof. Khammash wins 2014 Golden Owl Award

Prof. Khammash awarded the Golden Owl at the annual ETH Day on 22 November, 2014. Read more 

23.08.2014 | D-BSSE | Events

Professor Khammash delivers IFAC Plenary Lecture

Professor Khammash delivered a plenary lecture at the 2014 International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) World Congress, held in S. Africa in August. Read more 

04.02.2013 | D-BSSE | Publications

Article published in Science

Our paper, Systematic Identification of Signal-Activated Stochastic Gene Regulation , appears in the 1 February issue of Science. Read more 

26.11.2012 | D-BSSE | Events

Inaugural Lecture

Prof. Mustafa Khammash delivered his Inaugural Lecture, "Mathematical Modeling, Analysis, and Computer Control of Gene Expression ," at the ETH Zurich main campus. Read more 

01.11.2011 | D-BSSE | Media , Publications

Paper featured in BBC News and other publications

Our paper with the Lygeros group (ETH-Zurich) and the El-Samad group (UCSF), In silico feedback for in vivo regulation of a gene expression circuit, was featured by the BBC News among other publications. Read more 

01.09.2011 | D-BSSE | News

Control Theory and Systems Biology Group is formed

The Control Theory and Systems Biology group and lab has arrived in Basel at the D-BSSE! Read more 

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