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Welcome to the Control Theory and Systems Biology Lab

The Control Theory and Systems Biology Laboratory is led by Prof. Mustafa Khammash. It is part of the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering (D-BSSE) of ETH Zurich, located in the city of Basel.

Our group works at the interface of systems biology, synthetic biology, and control theory. We develop theory and novel computational methods for the modeling, simulation, analysis, and control of biological networks, with a focus on stochastic systems. We utilize these methods for reverse engineering biological networks, with particular interest in understanding the role of dynamics, feedback, and randomness. Additionally, we leverage our methods for forward engineering novel synthetic biological circuits.

Our team combines engineers, mathematicians, computational scientists, physicists, and biologists. Our theoretical and computational studies of biosystems is complemented by experimental studies. Our group runs an experimental biology laboratory equipped for biosafety level I microbiology and molecular biology work and has access to the D-BSSE departments extensive facilities including the Single Cell Facility, Quantitative Genomics Facility, the Laboratory Automation Facility, and the Center for Information Sciences and Databases.



ERC Advanced Grant

Prof. Khammash has been awarded the coveted Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (ERC). Read more 

14.10.2016 | D-BSSE | News

Andreas Milias-Argeitis joins the University of Groningen

Postdoc Andreas Milias-Argeitis leaves the CTSB group to join the University of Groningen as a new tenure-track assistant professor.


New Cybergenetics article in Nature Communications

The article describes our latest Cyborg cells! By interfacing bacterial cells to a computer through optogenetics, we are able to build an automated, light-mediated feedback control system for controling cellular processes. We demonstrate this technology by using it to achieve very precise and robust regulation of gene expression and cell growth. Read more 

26.06.2016 | D-BSSE | Publications

New article in ACS Synthetic Biology

This article introduces a new motif for biologically implementing integral feedback. Read more 

25.04.2016 | D-BSSE | Media , Publications

New article in PNAS

This article shows theoretically and experimentally how optimal noise filters can be realized as biochemical circuits. Those can be understood as molecular counterparts of the Kalman filter. Read more 

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